What Apex does and how to use it

Apex is a Viewer which requires users to provide a raw physical database. 

Exception: If a LG phone can be put into "Firmware Update" (image below) Apex WILL dump physical data and analyze. (iPhones backup read is explained later) in a streamline procedures.

In order to get to this page you need to go to SV4 - Acquire - Phone - Physical -LG Android PhysicalLG-Firm_Update-mode-full.jpg

For iPhones:

If a iPhone can be backed up by iTunes it will also analyze the backup data.

Also even without the iphone if you have access to his/her pc Apex may be able to access the phone data.  
For other Android phones, "Rooting" is required on the phone to obtain physical data dump. (See below)

Rooted phone will allow SV4 to obtain physical data dump file (Acquire-Phone/Tablet -physical)

Apex takes such database file created by SV4, and make directory structure trees and its contents visible.

These database file (.db. .bin .img etc etc) cannot be seen unless you use Apex

3rd party Rooting tools are at:


1. Apex Physical Viewer launch screen image:

(To get to this screen SV4 -Analyze -Physical Viewer) or Apex icon on your Desktop.

2. Browse with data type "All Files" See below 


3. After loading physical dump data (may take hours) Folder directories appear as below (Used .bin 

 3. Sample locations (may vary) of mms data

4. Actual messages (sample of preset messages)


For further questions/request please write to or call 949-789-8236


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