System Requirement for SV4 (SecureView 4)

Following is a recommended resources for SV4 (SecureView 4)

Windows 7 Ultimate/Professional/Windows 10 Pro

Internal memory (RAM) 16 GB (Expandable to 32GB or larger) 

Speed (GHz) be 3 GHz (if possible Intel current generation i7 processor)

Hard drive (HD) capacity should be at least 1TB (SSD 512GB or more is preferred is possible)

Partition it to 2 blocks and keep original image on one partition as backup

A large size external drive for data storage so that accumulated report can be copied over to make room on the pc.

For user account: Full admin right(Full access to registry and local storage,read/write folders)

Internet access is preferred as independent from organization network such as Air card,Wi-Fi etc 

Domain Security policy may cause problem running our software
Therefore there should be some provision to have such security disabled if necessary.

Please call us at any time (If I did not call you or did not have your number)

Thank you.

Susteen Inc

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