System Requirement for SV4 (SecureView 4)

Following is a recommended resources but you could use less (not recommended)

Windows 7 Ultimate but Professional or Windows 8/10 be fine too.
Internal memory (RAM) 16 GB is really preferred
Speed (GHz) be 3 GHz should be fine
Hard drive(HD) capacity should be at least 800 GB or preferably more.
You may want to partition it to 2 blocks of 400 GB each and keep original image on 2nd 400 GB HD for backup.
This is because one phone can contain more than 100 GB data these days.
A large size external drive for data storage may be a good idea so that accumulated report can be copied over to make room.
As far as user account you must have full admin right(Full access to registry and local storage,folders)
Also Internet access is preferred as independent from organization network such asAir card,Wi-Fi etc but not a must.
Domain Security policy may cause problem running our software
so there should be some provision to have such security disabled if necessary.

Please call us at any time (If I did not call you or did not have your number)

Thank you.

Susteen Inc

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