Device drivers and phone settings

Following is a generic instruction with images for Android phones.

Diagnostics on Android drivers:

SV4 (SecureView 4)

If Android phone is not detected when it is already set to debugging mode most common cause:

1. the phone requires extra settings.
If you are absolutely positive settings is all correct please skip the extra setup

***** Extra settings *****

The extra settings can vary:

Rule of thumb:Swipe the screen from top to down (phone is connected to PC and on)

Notification screen: must show "USB Debugging Connected". If not, the phone is not set correctly.

"Connected As" (or similar): tap on it and try different settings (PTP, MTP, etc)

If the phone O/S is 4.2.2 or later (most phones)
1. Go to Settings - "Developer's option"- enable "Debugging Mode" and DISABLE "Verify Apps(3rd party)"
2. Otherwise To activate "Developer's option" go "About (Phone)"
3. Find Build Number info-Tap on it 7 times -this will activate "Developer Option" in Settings
5. Go back to Step 1 - once all is set go to step 6
6. Go back out to Settings
7. Select Security 

8. Find "Allow Unknown sources/(3rd party) and enable it
9. Connect the phone to pc (or disconnect/reconnect)
10. Watch the phone screen and it should prompts you to "Allow" access
select Always and OK (If it is done already skip to next)

This should setup most Android phones.


Search "Device manager" in Windows search box - click on Device manager 

If the phone is set properly and connection is secure and stable you should see the driver(s).
(This should be automatic)

Common Driver images (may vary)

Typically Android ADB Devices, Android Composite ADB....Android phone, Android Sooner , etc etc

Image 1. Generic Android driver

Image 2. Samsung Android driver

Image 3 : Motorola android drivers

Image 4: LG


Image 5: Alcatel


Image 6A: ZTE Z812 -Overture 2 or Maven


Image 6B: ZTE Non-Smart phone 


In all above cases you must have USB Composite Device (Sample below is for Moto G)


Check under Other devices - if failed driver such as "Android...ADb ...etc" is there changing the USB connection mode (see Extra setup above) may resolve this failed driver)

Anti-virus protection apps on the phone may cause issue
Please check under Advnced Diagnostics section.

Advanced diagnostics:

 For more help please e-mail to or call 949-789-8236.


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