iPhones - Device drivers and iTunes settings

If you receive error reading iPhones please check if iTune can take a backup from the phone.

Try Below:

  1. Connenct the phone to PC
  2. Launch iTunes (Update to the latest)
  3. The phone should be recognized by iTunes (See sample image)


  4.Click on the cell phone icon and go to Summary page         


5. If it is Encrypted you will have to get the password from the user to uncheck it

    If it is not Encrypted please try take backup

    (Turn off icloud, Automatically sync option and manually backup

If you can complete the backup you can try following procedure

Launch SV4 -Acquire- From Files - iO/S from Backup option and read from Backup data

Should you still have problem please call the number below or e-mail to

Thank you.

Susteen Inc

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