How to continue numbers from where SVStrike left off

1. SVStrike has no means to charge the phones at this time
2. Workaround is to charge again and continue from where it left off
3. Please see below

Be sure to have the latest SVStrike 
If you do not have it please download from

Next please go to :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Susteen\svStrike\passcode


Here you find passcode list that is nothing but a text file with lots of numbers.
You can copy or add any text file yourself here.

For example, If you want to continue attacking the numbers from 1334 up to 9999
then you can just make a copy of "4digit_PIN_0000-9999-copy" file and delete all the numbers up to 0001 - 1333
then save it as name "4digit_PIN_0000-9999-1334 and up" file or something that dentifies the contents.
You now have the original file "4digit_PIN_0000-9999" and "4digit_PIN_0000-9999-1334 and up" file.

launch SVStrike and select Pass codelist file and browse to the location of "4digit_PIN_0000-9999-1334 and up" file and click OK.

This will start sending 1334 and up until it runs out of the battery again.


As far as finding the right pincode, if you leave it running overnight you can check the camera images in SVStrike folder on the Desktop in the morning and just check the number where the color changes to unlocked screen hit. For example "0777"is the right passcode as it opened the phone at that number.(See sample image below)


For further questions please contact below:

Susteen Tech Support


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