Fresh Installation and Updating existing SV4

SV4 will be a start from scratch install or works as updater on your existing SV4 as below:

Latest SV4 download link: (This is Installer and Updater both)

For fresh install
Use {serial number which was supplied to you by Susteen Inc} to install
or call 949-789-8236 for help.

You must have the key plugged in. (see image below)
f the hardware key is for first time use, you will be guided by installation wizard to activate.Hardwarekey-front-resized..jpg

If the key is already activated (used with SV4 before) then you simply run the Installer/Updater on exiting SV4.

Should you have any difficulty, please call Tech Support at

848-789-8236 or e-mail to with the serial number included (if available)

Thank you.

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