Possible causes on SV4 Crash

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Please check following with IT person and try these.

A screenshot(s) of error/symptoms with background image is always helpful.

Request/Question to IT personnel:

1. Is there any security software that may possibly be blocking/deleting/vault files such as .DLL ?
The symptom tjhat SV4 (SecureView 4) is showing appear to be missing DLL or blocked DLL type of issue

2. Please check if ComGGG1.DLL is located in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Susteen\Secure View
if there is one, please rename it to something like "original_CommGGG1.dll" and paste attached version
this will create a log. If there is no CommGGG1.dll in current folder simply paste this into it among loose files

3. Also attached is secureview.exe.config file (unzip first)
Like step 2 rename existing file as "original.secureview.exe.config" and paste this into among the loose files

4. Run SV4 and if it fails as it has been, please look for a log "sv.log" on desktop
AND "secureview.log" should be located at:
C:\Users\{username.domainname}\AppData\Local\Secure View SecureView.log

Please send us these 2 files.

Also if you can, please try installing Sv4 on any other pc, laprop, tablet etc (preferably less security environment).

Please call me at any time (If I did not call you or did not have your number)

Thank you.

Shoji Taniwaki aka (Sean)
Susteen Inc

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