Apex (Physical Viewer) upgrade check-up

Assuming you have a hardware key (Either manually activated or pre-activated by Susteen)

If you are not sure please contact 949-789-8236 or write to

Please check below:

  1. Install Apex by below (No serial number - just need the Apex added hardware key)


    If Installation is successful you should have Apex icon on your Desktop
    Please launch it and verify the screen (First image in the article below)

  4. If step 1 runs correctly try: Launch SV4

    Acquire/(Analyze-Physical Viewer)-Phone-Physical-LG Android Physical should display screen below

SV4's Physical Viewer button is Linked to Apex to run correctly.
Apex is installed separately from SV4 but it is a core part of Physical viewer in SV4.

Clicking "Physical Viewer" button within the SV4 program should lake you take you to Apex Viewer.

Please verify above and if any of the portion gives error/different reaction then send screenshots to or call 949-789-8236 for diagnostics.

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