SV4 Physical data read and viewing

Reading physical data off of phones will require preparation on the phone itself

At the time of this article published, iphones physical dump is not available however

Use of Apex (require add-on) will enable you to obtain detailed info on iPhone backup (Explained at the end of this article)

For now, we will specifically talk about Android phones here.

1. Rooting is requires in the phoen(get full access to the phone files) please see:

also, (this will require add-on Apex) 

2. Once you get the phone ready by above procedures you can run:

    A. Normal read:

        SV4 -Acquire - Phone/Tablet - Advanced Logical

        This normally yields most valuable data already

   B. Physical read: (produces .dd,,img, .bin etc) 

       SV4 - Acquire/(Analyze-Physical) Phone/Tablet -Physical

       This DOES not yields viewable data as these are raw database files 

       and requires physical viewer (Apex) below:


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