Android ADB commands for testing

Please confirm the driver(s) are in Device Manager (See below)

If you DO see the driver(S) please try below:

1. Hit Windows key (logo) + "R" key together This will take you to "Run" box
2. Type in "CMD" - click OK

3. This will take you to Command prompt (DOS command screen)
4. Here you have to go to inside the SecureView directory - here's how
5. Type in "cd" after last ">" (see attached images below )


6.Then open Program Files\Susteen\Secure View and drag the folder icon next to the cd (image 2)

7. Hit enter then enter "adb devices" 

8. Do you see response something along the line this ? (SecureView 3 inthe image should be SecureView)

(This is a LG Android phone/tablet response your make may differ but most any response is sufficient)

9. Do you see any kind of id as shown above ?
If you do get the response basic communication is a success then try this command :

"adb install susteentool.apk"


If all above is success and still SV4 does not run properly please send me a screenshot of the error/symptom.

Also check

Does you phone/tablet have enough RAM memory, not storage available ? (at least 1GB) ?

If so try detecting the phone again with SV4 and watch the phone display and see if Susteen logo is displayed on the phone or not

Please let me know which above step you may have problem with

Note: If you have security software running on the phone then please disable/uninstall as it may be blocking our software to install into the phone.

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