Firmware update mode on LG

If you have Apex you can run the LG Dump from 2 different locations (Provided the Firmware update mode can be obtained)

1. Assuming you have SV4 AND Apex both installed on your pc

    Launch  SV4 - Aquire/(Analyze-Physical Viewer) - Phone(Tablet etc) - Physical - LG Android Physical should take you to the screen below:

Or go to :C:\Program Files (x86)\Susteen\APEX and Run "physicalimager.exe" among the loose files 


 Once the phone is recognized following info will be populated in  "Select Port" box.

If it populates with different drivers and Start button almost immediately opens blank Apex Viewer

then install the driver and try again:


When the physical dump is completed (typically takes hours)

You will see something like below:


Sample Messages are located below:



Body of messages:


Please give us a call at 949-789-8236 or e-mail to for more help.  Thank you !

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