SVStrike - Phone compatibility check plus Box diagnostics

SVStrike can be launched from SV4 or outside SV4 as stand alone.

If you are not sure if your SVstrike is the latest version please try the link below

Test to see if the phone is compatible:

Simply prepare 3 items, OTG cable, the phone and USB Mouse or keyboarrd
Connect all these and simply move the mouse or use keyboard to see if the phone react
if you do not see any reaction on the phone then the phone is not compatible wth SVStrike


Basic diagnostics on the SVstrike
(You do not need to setup sensor, camera etc but just use the box and cables)

1. Connect just the box to PC's USB port first (No cables on the phone side)
At this time a red light comes on and blue light flashes twice then pause then quickly flashes twice again
This verifies that the PC side is running OK

2. Connect ONLY the cables, including OTG cable to the box on the phone side (No phone at this time)

3. Run Start button on the SVStrike software - blue light must keep flashing repeatedly -if so go to step 6 if the blue light does not blink repeatedly then Close SVStrike, disconnect all the cables and reconnect
(No phone) and retry

4. Launch SVStrike then connect the pc side cable to the pc-verify the lights as in step 2

5. Connect just the cables on the phone side go back to step 3

6. Click on Stop button on the SVStrike - wait until it completely stops

7. Connect the phone to the OTG cable (For Pattern locked phone, go into emergency call screen and
watch the phone) - Click on Start 

The phone must be on and should populate the code input with numbers being sent to it.
If it is a pattern lock you can now stop SVStrike and select pattern lock in SVStrike's option step 2 and click start.

Sample image - you can improvise yourselfSVStrike-setup-desriptio.jpg

Article that may be helpful:





For more details please e-mail or call 949-789-8236.

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