Tracking logs for read failure diagnostic

In order for us to troubleshoot your issue we need to create a tracking log until SV4 (SecureView 4) fails. Please download attached file and unzip to obtain respective files.

Place it (them) into instructed location below then run SV4 to read the phone and let it fail.

In your case let's use both for now. Please note the location where the logs will be created.

Comggg1.dll - Create log on reading all data Except Application data
will create "sv.log" on Desktop

SecureView.exe.config will create general exe log at
C:\Users\{your full computer name\AppData\Local\Secure View\ SecureView.log

Where to place these log tracking files:

Please go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Susteen\Secure View and rename the existing "SecureView.exe.config" to something like "Original_SecureView.exe.config" and "CommGGG1.dll" to "Original_comGGG1.dll"
Then paste these new ones into the same location.
You can then run the SV4 -Acquire phone - Advanced logical (you can select all or pspecific data type if you know if that is causing the issue) -

If SV4 fails to read data at some point, log files "sv.log" and "secureview.log" are already created at the location mentioned above. These logs will keep adding new logs for every new run of SV4 until you remove CommGGG1.dll and  SecureView.exe.config and rename "Original_SecureView.exe.config" and "Original_comGGG1.dll" back to "SecureView.exe.config" and "CommGGG1.dll"

Please send us both logs to with subject line including "log(s) attached"

If you can send the entire report folder by your FTP or 3rd party Dropbox etc you would not need to run above.


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