When Camera does not display image in SVStrike

Please try this:

Go to Device Manger ( Click on Windows Start button or Search box and enter "Device manager" - Click on it as it appears on the list
Go to Imaging device (See image attached -this is the correct drive

(For Windows 10 iPevo or USB2.0 PC Camera device  ok as well)
If you have built-in web cam (such as HP) please disable it.

If you have anything else we will have to change the device driver manually Basic idea for that , is to right click on the existing device driver and manually go through the update process

If failed imaging device is there (samp

le wrong driver attached) or under Unknown/Other devices then right click on failed device driverSelect Update driver - then "Browse my computer..." option
Select "Let Me pick...." option
If you see USB Video device or USB2.0 PC Camera device - Select it and go to Next
This should set up you Camera for SVStrike

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