When SV4 data extraction is successfully completed

(Sorry still under construction but this what you should see when data is read)

If SV4 (SecureView 4) data extraction is successfully completed you will be prompted to enter

case #,your name, organization name etc. Then eventually you should see "Show Report" option at the end of generating report. (See sample below)

Here's a sample images of html report SV4 displays after data extraction is completed.

You can also convert this html report to create PDF report by View-Export to PDF   

(SV4-Report-Complete Report- (Go to C:\Users\{Your domain name}\Desktop\Secure View) then Select the report you created -Once report is displayed in html format  {Select View option - Export to PDF})



If above report cannot be seen for any reason please go to:

C:\Users\{Your domain name}\Desktop\Secure View  directly and see if you have ANYTHING meaningful inside the report folder (Sample below is a  iPhone 4S report created in 2016-10-07-xxx) You can send us your screenshot of the report if report is not showing correctly.

Report-Folder-sample.jpg C:\Users\{Your domain name}\Desktop\Secure View

So pleasse send us a screenshot of the report folder contents such as above.

Based on missing folders and files we can help you further to resolve your report issue.

Please send the image to or call 949-789-8236


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