Physical dump preparation explained

Note: We cannot do the physical dump on iPhone but only can read iTunes backup in case
SV4 cannot read it or fails to complete reading (More later)

Physical dump is available Android phones.

1. LG phone can be put in "Firmware Update Mode"
and if that is possible (not all the phones) Apex -Start button will automatically start reading the physical
dump file for you .

2. If the phone is NOT LG or LG but cannot be put into "Firmware Update" mode
then you must root the phone. This requires a rooting tools.

A. Once the phone is rooted, you go to SV4 (SecureBiew 4) -Acquire -Phone -Physical 0Generic Android
This will create a report folder but it is not the same as regular advanced logica report
It only saves non-readable data file called "data.dd" or "image.bin" under File Systwem folder in your report
Go to step2 in the article below:

3. Once all the folders are displayed on the Apex windows you can search for the data you need but that
will take some experience and some skills so please callus or e-mail us and let usknow what you are looking for so that we can help you find the data you need

For more details or unclear points,
Please call me at any time (If I did not call you or did not have your number)

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