If SV4 fails to read iPhone Apex can be used

As for iPhones, we cannot physically dump the phone.
As far as iPhones are concerned,
Only when SV4 fails to read data off iPhone you can make use of APex by following:

1.Launch iTunes and take backup from the iphone first
2. Launch Apex and browse to the location below
Go to C:\Users{your computer name\AppData(this may be hidden if so see the image attached on how to make it appear)\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup and find a data folder with long name like (sample 4a83cf2dfc073649f71f47aa51ed93fac4b30db5)
browse inside the folder and look for "Manifest.mbdb" or "Manifest.db" and open it
This will read the backup and give you the folder directory view with data contained.

How to make AppData folder appear if it is hidden


Browse iTunes backup from Apex windows to load the data files


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