Instructional Profile for running test

FYI, manual is at : https://suste

Latest Burner Breaker File set:

Sample setup images:







Pincode case:

1. Practice phone image -Locked screen on Motorola Razr XT926)

Please download attached "ver3-Instructional-setup-Moto-XT926.xml"

and save it on your desktop.  Launch BB, Click Connect, Load this profile and continue below

It is a sample running of BB profile assuming you have Motorola XT926

(Image 1) Locked screen image



2. After 5 Failed attempts -Dialogue OK button appears where you must press OK to clear and go back to previous screen

(Image 2) Warning to wait 30 seconds before resuming attempts -you have to set up the coordinate (distances) of this OK button relative to Number "5" as a center (Sample profile is already setup for the correct coordinate 


After BB click on the OK button in image 2 you must Keep the phone awake during the wait interval - repetitive pressing of buttons back and forth will keep the phone awake

For this phone pressing of "Emergency Call" button (image 2) will take you to image 2-B where you press Home ("House") button to return to Image 2 screen for repetition (screens flip and flop between 2 screens)

2-B Pressing Home ("House") button will take you back to the previous screen (Image 2)

(Image 2-B)


Attached profile will do all the above actions that you may want to print the "test-phone-image-sheet" and place it under the BB Arm and run a test (The stylus tip must be pointing to the #5 on the keypad)

Sample image of the entire setup below: 

 1. Place the robot arm so that you have the arm post to the right and the arm is hanging from the right to the left. (After pressing "Connect" button on the BB screen)

2. Place the phone image print out as shown below: Test image for you to print and cut out is attached "test-phone-image-sheet"



Over all location of the arm and the phone (image sheet is used instead real phone)



For a quick test run you can download and print the pictures of the test phone above and pretend that as real phone and place it under the arm and run the "ver3-Instructional-setup-Moto-XT926" attached here, just see how the arm moves around over the phone.  

Please note that Image 1 and Image 2 then Image 2-B are sequential images that REAL phone will switch over to, based on the arm movements.  So when the BB fails 5 attempts and get the "You have incorrectly typed pin 5 times ...." message appears Pressing OK button will clear the screen and BB will move onto next actions. During this 30 sec the arm moves between "Emergency Call" button (See  image 2 ) and Home ("House") button (Image 2-B) back and forth to keep the phone awake until the 30 sec elapses to resume net 5 attacks.

Actual movement movie is at:

Video Clip: Movement - 5 attacks - Press "OK" to clear 30 sec wait warning - keep the phone awake(Emergency<->Home) repetitive clicks between the 2 screens for 30 sec - then next 5 attacks hitting 0007 as the pincode

----------  OVER -----------

In case,you wonder...Use of AOA cable that comes with BB Kit: 

Following is not used in BB operation but it should come with BB kit that if you have SVStrike you can use it in place of OTG cable.

Extra cable: AOA (Better compatibility than OTG)



For any further help please call 949-789-8236 or e-mail to

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