Set up of BB with Laptop/(PC-with Hub) Other users see the Note

(Under construction but it can be used.  If you find any instruction that is not accurate please notify us)


Note: Users of PC WITHOUT USB hub will not have to follow the particular order as below.

Only users of Laptop and PC with USB Hub user must follow certain set up order as below

MS Word and PDF version is attached for your convenience.

Please DO NOT connect either device to the PC prior to the launch and setup of BB software.

1. Launch BB Software only

2, Connect only the Camera cable(s) to the USB port of your laptop

    (If you are using a hub with laptop or desktop DO NOT connect the camera cable to the hub but directly to the USB port on the laptop OR desktop - Robot arm can be connected to any USB port including hub)

3. Test the camera by clicking "Connect" to verify the camera shows a image

(if a camera image freezes at any point, simply disconnect the cable from pc and reconnect then wait a few seconds , then Connect/Disconnect and reset it)

4. Click on the "Capture" button and Go to deskstop "BurnerBreaker" folder and find test image under "Capture_test" folder .  This will activate continuous capture during the attack 


Sample results of capture tests (Multiple tests at different time)



5. After 4 is verified click on Monitor/Sensor button then enable sensor and specify the target area by using mouse - do not close it but minimize it  


6. When camera is all setup connect the Robot cable to the Laptop, PC or even hub

7. Verify "device" box on BB screen gets populated with device ID


8. Click on "Connect" to move the arm to the default position

9. Click on "Center Offset" to adjust the height from the phone (Be careful NOT to use too large -(minus) numbers in Pen Down box as it may damage the stylus (Ideal number will be a subtle touch distance to the phone screen)  

Strongly recommended test run with info below:

At this point print a attached "test-phone-image" sheet and run a test profile "ver2-Instructional-setup-Moto-XT926" (also attached for pre-set condition)  to complete the setup.


For more information: 

Video Clip: Movement - 5 attacks - Press "OK" to clear 30 sec wait warning - keep the phone awake(Emergency<->Home) repetitive clicks between the 2 screens for 30 sec - then next 5 attacks hitting 0007 as the pincode


or e-mail to support@susteen or call 949-789-8236 with your organization name and location


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