iPhones that work best with SVStrike

SVStrike works the best if the phone is iPhone 4 as iPhone 4 does not go beyond iO/S 7.1.2 which

we can infinitely send attack without risking disabling the phone.

 iPhone 4S

is more risky as its iO/S can go up to 8.X.X and higher which can disable the phone,  As to iO/S 7.1.2 it may say "Disabled" but SVStrike keeps sending attacks even under the black screen with "this device is disabled".

Physical Comparisons:





Screen Comparisons:

Below is iO/S 7.1.2 or older (safe to attack)



Below is iO/S 9.X.X but 8.X.X and higher should look the same (Unsafe -DO not attack)



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