Support info

We currently have DP7 (DataPilot 7) at:
to purchase the latest software.

For DataPilot products.
Free e-mail support is available to users for 1 year after the activation of license.

Please write e-mail to: with 

For live phone support please have your credit card ready and call 949-789-8236

As to your issue:

We would like to know:

1. DP7 version
Serial Number

Please supply us the serial number of the software so that we can verif your status and support your inquiry.
Also if you can, please register your product at

2. Phone carrier/make/model
3. Feature it fails to read/detect/write on
Or the error message, symptoms related to the issue
Screenshot of the error or incident will be helpful
4. Windows O/S

Based on above info we will reply back or call you so please provide your contact phone number as well.

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