How to isolate messages

Regular isolation: (Viewing)

1. Launch SV4 -Report- Complete Report
2. Bring up the html report - go to Messages
3. Select "By Conversation" option located inthe top right corner box

Creating report:

1. Launch SV4 - Analyze - Anlyze data
2. Case Files windows opens - Click New - use default or change the case file name
3. Browser appears - Select the report SV4 created
4. Click OK -wait until analyzer loads all data
5. Click on Prime number list -this will list the contacts in order of frequent contacts
6. Double click on the person of interest -this will show the contenst or call logs of the contact between2 parties
Uncheck "Show Phone calls" this will show only messages exchanged
7. Flag the items you want to report
8. Click on create report - select options -verify the location you want to save the report in
9. Click OK -this will save the report in specified location in step 8
10. Go to the location in step 8 and open Evidence report folder to retrieve the report

For further assistance,
Please call me at any time (If I did not call you or did not have your number)

Thank you.

Shoji Taniwaki aka (Sean)
Susteen Inc

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