iTunes link (if necessary)

For installing iTunes Instructions:

Before downloading iTunes check if you have 32 or 64-bit Windows system.

Click on Windows start icon - search for "computer" to list

"This PC" or "Computer"

Right click and left click on "Properties"  to check  (See image below)


Please click:

Here for 64bit

Here for 32bit

1.Click appropriate link above
2.Save the file (select the location if necessary).
3.Disconnect the phone if it's connected.
4.Run the downloaded file and follow the
instructions to complete the installation.

If you receive following prompt please uninstall current iTunes and follow the instruction below.


Uninstalling current itunes on 

1. WIndows 10: Search "Apps and Features" - find Itunes in the list and double-click to uninstall

2. For W7: Search for "Programs and Features" and find iTunes -Right click and Uninstall

Manual link:

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