iPhone and Android Pincode Breaker

The SV Strike is capable of acquiring 6 digit pincode/passcodes on the most popular phones.. More than just a simple brute force “box.” Created and built in the United States, this new technology gives the forensic investigator the go-to tool for breaking into iPhones and Androids. With easy to view videos and instructions, the SV Strike will replace foreign devices with questionable abilities. While hacker tools were able to break into certain phones, they were not built for law enforcement purposes. The SV Strike combined the need to access phones quickly, with need for accurate reporting features. Current phones supported include Android phones with USB OTG capability and iOS devices through 8.0. New features include pattern lock acquisitions for Android phones and advanced passcode setting to crack longer, more advanced passcodes.



  • The only product of its kind to acquire pincodes on both iPhones and Androids
  • Easy to use interface designed in the USA
  • SV Strike is Adaptive and Intuitive making the software easily updatable
  • SV Strike uses USB cameras to store pictures of EVERY missed attempt and Final acquisition. This allows for better reporting and keeps the product forensically sound
  • SV Strike has the ability to text or email the user once the software has finished its acquisition. This allows the user to simply set the software and go about other tasks.
  • Built by Susteen Secure View with over 10 years of experience in mobile forensics
  • Currently supports non-swipe Android phones and iPhones up to iOS

The SV Strike is currently available for sale with shipments going out as early as April 1st.
ICAC users have top priority for first available shipments. The SV Strike is available ONLY to law enforcement/government agencies at this time! We are proud support those who keep our cities safe. “We are excited to help agencies open back up old cases where they were unable to break into those phones. We hope the SV Strike can help put additional bad guys behind bars.” The SV Strike was built by forensic professionals, not hackers.

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