Hardware Key not found/not detected

Hardware Key (dongle) diagnostics link Below or paste the link to URL (The key must be connected to your PC)


This should take you to a product page as seen below.

If the driver is loaded and the key is correct you should be able to see the key info.

If you do not see the key pages, then go below the images for next steps.

Image 1:


Image 2:

If you do see something as above, please click on Features and see the details and send us your info as below: (Look to the right end)

Apex feature is shown as "411"

SV4 feature is shown as  "0"  

If you can send us a screenshot of the features we can help you more effectively

Image 3:


If you do not see the above page and the key, please check device manager for drivers below.

To go to Device manager you can simply use search option in Windows for "Device Manager".


If not seeing the license or device information, try below:

Reinstall HASP Drivers:

  1. Go to Windows Search (in Windows 10 bottom left corner) and type in license driver
  2. License Driver Repair app should display
  3. Click the App to Run
  4. A DOS window will open, this may take a few minutes to run.
  5. After completion, a message will appear and you may press any key to close the DOS window.

Questions e-mail  Please provide the serial number (begins with AFBxxxxxxxxxxxx)

Thank you !

After driver is re-installed, go back to the top and retry the diagnostics link and continue below.

Otherwise local port maybe blocked by internet security settings.

Please check the following (or let us know):
(Ask IT person)
As far as just Windows Firewall is concerned,
Outbound: TCP and UDP should be allowed on port 1947

This should get you through to the key but if you still have difficulty seeing the key you must check on internet security watching the outbound on port 1947 - so you may want to disable the suspect security software.


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