How to disable iCloud Two-Factor-Authentication

After turning the Two-Factor-Authentication OFF as below please retry SCA. 

How to disable iCloud Two-Factor-Authentication

(Assuming you have the phone, user name and the password for the iCloud log in)

1. Go to
2. Enter user name and password (or whichever asked)
3. It should pop up the 6 digit entry screen also
4. Check the phone and enter the 6 digit code
5. Go to "Two-factor Authentication" click Edit "Turn Off Two-Factor-AUthentication"
6. Here you MUST enter new security Q and A

-If we find the way to get around it willbe posted here as soon as it becomes available

SO if you are allowed to, please create them but take a screenshot and note of them so that you will not forget or the original user can change it back to where it was

Thank you.

Shoji Taniwaki aka (Sean)
Susteen Inc


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