How to setup Samsung Galaxy S8 and above (Safe Mode)


Newer Samsung Galaxy (possibly others as well) may need to set the phone ins Safe Mode

  1. Check Device manager to see if we have Samsung Android ADB Interface (something along the line) if you stillhave problem connecting the phone go to Step 2
  2. Set the phone to Safe Mode - Turn off the phone Press Power past Samsung Galaxy S8 logo As soon as ANOTHER SAMSUNG logo appears(after black screen) release Power and immediately press home button
  3. Verify "Safe Mode" at the bottom left corner of the phone display
  4. (If necessary , reboot the Windows) verify the driver in Step 1 is loaded
  5. Watch the phone and Allow access to this device(pc) - tap Always and OK (may happen step in next 6)
  6. Run SV4 (SecureView 4) and autodetect 7.Reboot the phone to get it back to normal mode

Please call me at any time or let me know the date and time if you want me to call you.

Thank you.

Shoji Taniwaki aka (Sean)
Susteen Inc

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