ZTE by Tracfone

ZTE by Tracfone

SOME ZTE phones from Tracfone will not give out Messages, Contacts and Call logs,
Tracfone/ZTE has done some blocking on port on the phone not to allow transfer of data (except Files)

Our coming device called "DP10" which is a compact handheld hardware device that you hover over a target phone(or connect to the phone) and scan the images messages , contact off the target image and take them into the device's memory and create a report.
For details, you may have already heard from us but contact Eryn or Jeremy.

Another option is, Tracfone has a phone app called "Transfer wizard".

if you can install this app to the target phone you can actually scan the target phone with ANOTHER phone (which you need to provide ) and sync the data over to that 2nd phone.

The 2nd phone must be SV4 compatible but if so, you can read the data off of THAT 2nd phone at least.


Please call me at any time or let me know the date and time if you want me to call you.

Thank you.

Shoji Taniwaki aka (Sean)
Susteen Inc

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