AOA box update

SVStrike Android AOA Box pattern lock issue troubleshoot Symptoms You may experience following symptoms on SVStrike using Android AOA box. • While SVSTrik is drawing pattern lock line on the screen, line is cut and not complete the pattern. Cause You may experience this issue if the firmware version v1.1 was installed on the AOA box. Resolution To troubleshoot this issue, follow the steps. Update AOA Box firmware 1. Download and unzip firmware update program from link below. (JUH660 Update - 2. Disconnect all ports on the AOA box 3. Connect PC to AOA micro USB port using micro USB data cable 4. Run unzipped JUH660 Update - v00.9.exe 5. Click "Update" button in the program window. 6. After firmware update has completed, Confirm "update successful" message in the program window. 7. Disconnect micro USB cable Resource AOA box Firmware update program download link: